An Tien Industries is one of the largest additives manufacturer in Vietnam


An Tien Industries JSC – a member of An Phat Holdings – was established in 2009 in the Southern industrial park, Van Tien Commune, Yen Bai City, Yen Bai Province.

After 10 years of establishment and development, An Tien Industries has become one of the largest enterprises producing PP, PE, stone powder,… in Vietnam. The company has stock code HII on HOSE, with charter capital of VND 278.5 billion, 2017 revenue of VND 1330.5 billion. In particular, An Tien Industries also cooperates well with famous corporations and companies in the Middle East, Russia, China and Europe. Products are highly appreciated by partners.

An Tien Industries JSC has 2 manufacturing factories with a total product capacity of 372,000 tons/ year. Plastic additives granule factory is equipped with modern production line, technology of Germany and Taiwan, an area of ​​8100m² with capacity of up to 150,000 tons/ year.

CaCO3 super fine stone powder manufacturing factory with a designed capacity of 222,000 tons/ year, an area of ​​19,000m², a modern production line, completely automatic production provided by Taiwan. One part of products will be supplied to the plastic additives factory and the other will be exported by the company. The operation of the super fine stone powder factory helps the enterprise to be self-sufficient in the quality of the main raw material source for the plastic additives factory and diversify products.

Factory of An Tien Industries JSC

Currently, An Tien Industries JSC manufactures some products, such as ANCAL plastic additives including color resins, Compoud granules, CaCO3 additives (Filer Masterbatch), self-destruct granules,… which can apply in thin-film packaging area, plastic injection molding extrusion packaging,…

CaCO3 super fine stone powder products with the size of 5 – 40 Micron meet the standards of whiteness, brightness, CaCO3 content used in paint, plastic, cosmetic,…

In addition, An Tien Industries has a team of skilled and experienced in production, who have been trained domestically and internationally to ensure a well-managed and effective production process.

The staffs of An Tien Industries are professional and experienced.

An Tien Industries JSC always strives to become a leading regional manufacturer in the field of manufacturing plastic additives, stone powder,…; build a balanced relationship with all stakeholders, including customers, quality service providers. At the same time, the enterprise always looks for the best ways to operate as a “green” company, including investing in “green” technology for production processes and supporting, promoting “green” actitivies whenever possible.