An Phat Holdings officially launches industrial catering services


Expanding into a new business segment to complete business ecosystem as well as taking adaptive approaches to the Covid-19 pandemic, An Phat Holdings officially launches An Phat Catering Services JSC.

Owning an interdisciplinary ecosystem in the field of: Compostable materials and finished products; Packaging; Engineering plastics and SPC flooring; Raw material and chemicals for plastics industry; Precision engineering & molding; Industrial real estate, APH is expanding its business scope to a wide range of operations and services.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought great challenges to businesses and their activity to take take care of employees’ well-being. In order to flexibly respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, fulfil the needs of customers and partners while creating added and sustainable values, An Phat Holdings (Ticker Symbol: APH) established An Phat Catering Services JSC and officially launched industrial catering services. An Phat Catering Services will provide industrial meals to the Group’s manufacturing plants and also offer industrial catering services to customers and partners.

An Phat Holdings’ industrial catering services

Aiming to complete APH’s closed ecosystem and foster sustainable development, An Phat Catering Services was established with the goal of becoming the leading company in the industrial catering industry in Vietnam. At present, An Phat Catering Services will focus on developing industrial catering services in Hai Duong province, after that, expanding to northern provinces and cities and aim to be present throughout the country, targeting each province/city will have one factory.

An Phat Catering Services is a member of An Phat Holdings, which has 10 years of experience in providing industrial meals for its factories with capability of serving 5,000 employees. Besides providing industrial meals to the Group’s manufacturing plants in Hai Duong, An Phat Catering Services is providing this service to many other partners such as: Electronics Han Sungwon Viet Nam Co., Ltd; Tiinlab Acoustic Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd; Suntel Vina Co., Ltd etc.

In terms of facilities, An Phat Catering Services invested in building a modern kitchen facility with a closing process and having a team of experienced chefs. An Phat Catering Services’ factory covers an area of 6,000m2 with a modern kitchen system and machinery, with a capacity of 50,000 meals per day.

An Phat Catering Services has invested the modern kitchen processing system that conforms food hygiene & safety regulations

An Phat Catering Services’ top priority is ensuring the safety and stability of the food supply chain. Currently, the Company is cooperating with leading food suppliers for fresh food with clear origin to ensure food hygiene and safety standards.

Price stabilization is An Phat Catering Services’ strategy to expand its customer network, especially at a time when food prices are much fluctuating due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With flexible prices, An Phat Catering Services will give recommendations on choices of nutritious and scientific menu that is suitable for different industries and customer’s needs.

Creating sustainable value

According to Mr. Dinh Xuan Cuong, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of APH, the Covid-19 pandemic is an unexpected event that challenges businesses to be creative to adapt quickly to new consumer trends. Thereby, An Phat Holdings proactively vaccinates all employees to ensure workers’ well-being as well as ensure safety when providing service to customers and partners.

The establishment of An Phat Catering Services will be APH’s new segment to complete its sustainable business ecosystem, helping the Group exploit its strength in the medium and long term.

With current competitive advantages in industrial catering industry, An Phat Catering Services is projected to expand to other services such as: airline catering, events, supplying food for supermarkets and retail systems, etc.

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