An Phat Holdings at forefront of using technology to make compostable products

An Phat Holdings at forefront of using technology to make compostable products

An Phat Holdings is one of the few enterprises in Vietnam and the world that are using state-of-the-art technology and inventions to compostable products ...


Biodegradable products and materials

An Phat Holdings is a pioneer in researching, producing and developing, biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials and products attaining international standards.

Plastic materials and chemicals

The main products in this category are plastic additives including calcium carbonate power (CaCO3), filler masterbatch, etc… with brand ANCAL

Industrial Infrastructure

With the investment in An Phat Hi-tech IP and Quoc Tuan - An Binh IP in Hai Duong, APH provides customers with a wide range of services including human resource consultant, legal procedure support, financial advisory and logistics...

Engineering plastics and interior plastics

An Phat Holdings has expanded its engineering plastic and interior plastic with the investment in Hanoi Plastic Joint Stock Company and other subsidiaries.

Precision mechanics and molding

Producing various types of injection molds to supply for automotive and electronic components manufacture, especially focusing on the development of supporting industries.


Mono-layer packaging is the first and core business of An Phat Holdings. This product has been exported to nearly 70 countries including extremely demanding markets such as Europe, Japan, the United States and Australia.




The South East Asia’s leading high-tech, environmental-friendly plastic corporation, with a closed, sustainable business ecosystem and great contributions to the development of Vietnamese economy.

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